Saturday, June 14, 2008

Edwardian Information

The "Fashion-Era" website has useful tid-bits about Edwardian life: look to the useful linklist at the left hand side.

A content-rich webpage at BBC4 from their series on "The Edwardians. I especially loved the "Edwardian SuperSize Me" episode (the full English breakfast is the best thing in the world):

How will our 21st-century foodies cope with seven days' worth of huge breakfasts, meat-heavy dinners and rich puddings? A glance at Monday's menu - which in Edwardian terms is a fairly simple affair, being for a private family day with no guests - gives an idea of just how daunting is the task ahead of them.
Experts will be on hand to explain how, among other things, the Edwardians gave the world the Full English Breakfast, allowed women into restaurants (though strictly as decoration) and entertained on a table-creakingly grand scale at home.

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